Why Should Developers Invest in Developing Soft Skills?

Jomar M. blog author

Jomar M


March 10, 2024

As an experience, developer, I’ve realized how important soft skills are in my career, While being good at technical stuff is crucial I believe it’s the people skills that really shape my career.

Let me share why having a good soft skills is important as a developer and how they help me achieve my success in my projects.

Building Relationship

One of the best parts of my job is building a good relationship with people, whether they are your colleagues, clients, or bosses. Speaking well, working together, and understanding others are the main keys to these connections.

Having a good relationship with your peers is really essential as developer.

if you have a bug you can’t solve? you can try asking for help, having a good relationships with people not only makes work more enjoyable, but it also makes it very convenient to ask help when needed.

Effective Communication

Speaking well and understanding others is really important for teamwork. As developer you are not going to write code all the time; in fact, you spend most of your time talking from explaining tricky technical stuff to people who don’t know much, or explaining to your peers a highly complex solution to a problem.

having effective communication is something I’m still constantly learning, I’m from the Philippines and english is not my first language tongue, but as I continue to up-skill my coding skills so do my communication skills.

Reading books, technical blogs and watching movies in english with subtitles on has helped me a lot on how to properly use words in a certain contexts, as well as in growing my vocabulary.

Staying Motivated

While working as a developer I often face tough challenges, and keeping my motivation up is hard. But being patient and determined has really helped me.

When faced with particular challenging task, I find it beneficial to step away momentarily and taking break, whether is going for a quick walk, playing with my kids or hitting the gym. as it can give me a refreshing change of scenery and allows me to clear my mind. Engaging in physical activity not only help my body but also my mind enabling me to have more energy and focus.


In the end, my journey as developer has taught me how important soft skills are. While being good at technical stuff is crucial, it's the people skills that really set me apart as a developer. By getting better at these skills, I improve my work, build great relationships, and handle my job confidently and well